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Cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies are at a nascent stage. Although they've gained traction, there is a lot of scope to figure out 'whats next' in terms of applications that can be built on the web3 stack

Rebate Protocol serves as a proof of concept. The idea originated during a conversation with a prominent VC

The idea of putting large volumes of ethereum wallets within products provoked us and we decided to build it as a weekend project at Calhacks

Some of the things we achieved:

  • Won 'Best Blockchain Hack' at Calhacks 2018
  • Created and deployed fully functional smart contract
  • Functional mobile app that scans and verifies authenticity

The Solution

Rebate Protocol offers manufacturers a simple web interface to create QR code-based wallets. It also allows for users to seamlessly scan a QR code and verify the authenticity and origin of the product they use. By embedding a QR-based rebate mechanism, manufacturers can provide customers with an incentive to scan the QR codes inside their medical containers. Having a simple mobile app that helps customers to redeem their rebate ethereum and also checking the digital signature of the product leads to a cost-effective way to eliminate most forms of counterfeiting. Especially in the developing world where this problem is rampant and ever-increasing. Along with combining elements of technology with low barriers of entry, it creates a situation where fraudulent actors are effectively locked out of participation.

  • No Token
  • No ICO
  • Simple lucid implementation


The Rebate Protocol codebase is undergoing a rigorous revamp. We estimate this will be done by late December 2018. The primary focus is on implementing meta transactions, along with maintaining a low barrier to entry.

  • Meta transactions
  • Improving crypto UX
  • Accomodating wide ranging use cases